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Full Service 24-Hour Access Club - 848.0046
3300 Eagle Avenue - Rib Mountain
Pilates - 45-60 minutes
Gain improved posture, core strength, balance and productive breathing techniques as you gentle flow from one pilates exercise to the next.  All exercises are done lying or sitting on the floor.  Great relaxation class.
SSS - 45 minutes

“Sassy, Sexy & Seductive” This dance class is a fun way to release the wild side in you.  Experience a great toning and cardio workout while you dance to fun routines using nothing but a chair.  Blinds will be closed during this class.
Seniors Cardio & Yoga Classes - 45-60 minutes
All exercises are age appropriate.  Enjoy the variety of classes offered every week.  Cardio classes will focus more on improving cardiovascular health by slightly elevating your heart rate to burn calories while the yoga classes will provide wonderful stretching and relaxation techniques.  No exercises are done on the floor.
Silver Sneakers - 45-60 minutes
Calling all seniors!  This class was designed to help you keep full range of motion and strength through a simple easy to follow workout program.  this no impact workout allows you to stand behind or sit in a chair while using exercise bands, rubber balls and low weight dumbbells.
Triple Threat
This 90-minute class may be all you need for your workout today.  You'll start with 30 power packed minutes of cardiovascular exercises then move into 30 minutes of toning exercises and finish strong with 20 minutes of core exercises.  A huge variety of exercises will keep your interest level peaked and wondering what's next.
Urban Beat - 60 minutes
Get low, kick high, twist around and shake your booty in this keep-you-movin’ where-did-the-time-go class.  Prechoreographed routines to today’s hip-hop tunes will be taught after a huge emphasis on stretching is completed.  Come to have fun don’t be shy!
Yoga HATHA - 45-60 minutes
Relieve your stress through a mind body connection.  You will appreciate the muscle stretching and strengthening techniques performed through out the class.  Gain improved flexibility from head to toe.
We offer the largest variety of classes each month - all are included in your membership.
Basic Training - 60 minutes
Muscle burning toning workout.  Enjoy a great 15 min. warm-up of aerobic activity then dive into strength training exercises that will focus on each individual muscle group from head to toe.  Techniques consist of low weight and high repetition.  Relax and bring your heart rate down with a series of stretching exercises.
Belly Dancing - 60 minutes
Embrace the beauty of your femininity while making new friends, sharing giggles, building your self-esteem, and trimming your waistline! Join us for an exciting time in these fusion bellydance courses. Special attention is given to muscle isolation, posture, and body alignment while allowing you to feel good about your body.
Boot Camp - 45 minutes  **HIGH  INTENSITY
You will find some similarities to the real thing.  This fast pace workout will whoop your butt.  Begin by quickly increasing your heart rate with high impact cardio routines.  Instructors will push you to the limit by keeping everyone moving from one exercise to the next with little rest.
Cardio Kickboxing - 45 minutes  **HIGH  IMPACT
Cardio defined as: raising your heart rate, working up a sweat, huffing and puffing; Kickboxing defined as: throwing kicks and punches, releasing your aggressive side. This class combines all of the above into a fun, kick butt workout.  Proper form and controlling intensity levels are taught through out the class welcoming all skill levels to participate.
Circuit Training - 45-60 minutes
Six to Eight stations will be set up; each prepared to challenge your body differently.  A combination of cardiovascular, upper & lower body strengthening and core exercises will be used.  Move from one station to the next in :60 seconds flat.
Core Training - 15-30 minutes
Strengthen your entire core, upper/lower abs, obliques and lower back.  All exercises are performed while sitting or lying on your mat and or use of a stability ball.   Work at your own pace.
Drum It Up - 45-60 minutes
Liven up your spirit while beating your drum to exciting tribal music.  Your arms will be burning and your heart will be racing while you thoroughly enjoy this new style class.
Latin Dance - 45 minutes
This class fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a calorie burning, body energizing workout.  A new Latin style is featured each week.  Examples of styles include Salsa,  
Merengue, Reggaeton and Calypso.  Add some Latin flavor to your  exercise routine and join the party!
Muscle Maintenance- 45 minutes
Absolutely wonderful for improving flexibility and full range of motion in your joints.  This is a full body, head to toe stretching routine that will likely relieve your stress.  This is not a cheesecake session, you will feel like you’ve worked your body.