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Current Certification(s) and additional training programs completed:
Undergraduated degrees in business, coaching, and athletic training. Graduate degree in Business Management.

Tell us about yourself:
My favorite family activities include spending time with my beautiful wife and 4 fantastic children, especially vacationing in Cancun.  My hobbies include all types of sports, hunting and fishing.  I believe with hard work and commitment you can succeed at anything you attempt.

Fitness Background:
I have been involved in sports since the age of 5. I began a formal weight training program at the age of 15 mainly to improve my performance in sports. In high school I played football, basketball track and baseball. After high school I played and was a 4 year starter for UW-Whitewater in football. After college I was fortunate enough to continue my football career and played in the European League for 3 seasons. During these 27 years I have seen a wide variety of gimmicks and get fit quick schemes, none of which are long lasting or produce significant change. I have heard every excuse imaginable as to why someone cannot achieve their goals. The real job of a personal trainer is to sort through all the excuses someone may have and get to the root of why someone is the way they are. Although each individual is physiologically different there are really only two legitimate reasons as to why someone is out of shape, those are lack of commitment and lack of effort. I believe my life experiences, knowledge and work ethic allow me to bring out the best individuals.

How long have you been training and or teaching fitness classes:
I have been personal training for the past 12 years.

Clients I’ve worked with:
I have worked with a wide range of age groups and enjoy each one as much as the other. Each client is different and I enjoy the challenge determining the proper course of action in order for that particular client to achieve their goals.
I specialize in…
I specialize in athletic, sport specific training, particular concentration in proper form, position and core strengthening which is vital for all areas and ages of clients.

Future goals:
As always, I feel there is something new I can learn every day. My goal is to continually improve my methods so I can provide a better service to my clients.